The Best Drill Drum Kit For 2022

The Best Drill Drum Kit For 2022
Trust me, I've been there.
When I downloaded my first drill drum kit, I had NO idea where to even start.
I even asked other more established Drill Producers for help/tips, only to be told to 'figure it out'.
Fair enough I guess?
I flailed around in my DAW having no idea how to make a Drill beat, only then to spend the next few days binge watching Youtube Tutorials until I was 'ready' to make the music.
This is why my drum kit 'RAGNAROK' was constructed to be useful for all Producers, regardless of skill level.
I added:
  • hi-hat and 808 MIDI patterns that can help kickstart your Production journey. You can use these patterns to speed up your Production process, or for your own personal learning.
  • FL Studio mixer presets (with stock plugins) for every 808 inside of the kit so you don't need to waste an hour trying to get your 808 mix sounding good on Phone speakers.
  • Full and complete Drill Melodies so you can focus on your Drums
  • Drum Fills to help add some flare to your beats
  • Helpful lists of plugin recommendations, 808 settings, kick settings
Now this Kit wasn't made with the intention for you to be lazy. It was made to be full of helpful elements that you can use in any situation:
  • You're new to Production and learning
  • You're intermediate but just want to cook up a beat faster
  • You're feeling some beat block but need some inspiration
Personally, I think it's the best Drill Drum Kit of 2022.
But hey, that's just my opinion. See what others are saying:
If you're liking the sound of this, go ahead and claim your copy of the kit HERE

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